Will writing

You don't need me to tell you that you need a will.

At Key Wills & Trusts, we want you to have the certainty that your will is in order and your assets are legally and responsibly left to family and friends of your choice.

So, we offer a free review of any existing wills. We can check that the contents still reflect your wishes , and that it’s legally correct.

If you have any nagging doubts about your will’s contents, or your circumstances have changed and you need an update, you can get in touch. Maybe you had initially instructed a Standard Will and now feel you need a more robust plan, let us know. 

Often, we have clients who aren’t sure where there Will is stored, or their solicitor has moved offices or amalgamated with another practice.  Copies are not acceptable at Probate Time and your original signed will  needs to be available and correct.

"Over 31m people in the UK risk dying intestate. This means dying without a will and having their assets distributed according to law rather than the individual's wishes."

There’s plenty of information out there. You can even write your own will yourself. Many Charities offer a simple solution. But we know that tailored and expert support will leave you in no doubt that everything has been done with the care and attention it deserves, – no unwanted surprises.

Frequently asked questions

Probably the 100% Question I get asked every time.  Answer YES. The only person(s) who may not be beneficiaries are the two persons who witness your will. 

You can make amendments to your will at any time. Depending on the extent to the changes we may need to charge a nominal fee but that will be discussed up front. Frequently for a small change it’s free of charge.

No, this is a mistaken idea. Marriage nullifies a will. However, if you, say, get legally separated, then you should really look at making or changing your will. Your spouse will still remain your main beneficiary.  Many separated couples overlook both this fact and they also forget to review their Nomination of Benefits in a pension Scheme at work. 

Again, many people believe that there is a legals status in wills of “Common Law Husband & Wife”. Sadly not! Wills emanated during the time of Queen Victoria and not much has changed since with their attitude to the sanctity of Marriage.  So, if you are common law, do make your intentions clear in your legal Will. 


Yes. If you intend to exclude someone who would normally benefit, or if your new will changes your beneficiaries, or their share etc, then we recommend that you “belt and braces”. You can write in your Will that you specifically exclude X person(s). Then, in a separate letter to your executors you can re-confirm your decision and explain your reasons for this action. I have seen many examples from, ” My children are estranged for many years” to letters with awful descriptive names to those they have fallen out with. 

                                                        Don’t forget- A will is your Instructions of who to leave to and who NOT to leave to.        


No-Once your new will is signed and witnessed (attested), this becomes the only legal will and it revokes all previous wills.  

Your will is signed and then needs to be stored somewhere safe (preferably not at your property) so that it is safe. . In any case, it is important that your family know of the whereabouts of your original signed will.

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Writing your will today will give the security you and your family need tomorrow.