Key Wills & Trusts can ensure that any monies and assets left to loved ones are safeguarded in trust.

After all, we don’t want you to leave anything to chance when planning your future and we strongly recommend that you consider putting into a trust any monies or assets that feature in your will. 

When leaving a Will, beneficiaries can sometimes be subject to Inheritance Tax. The amount left to someone, and their personal circumstances will influence this. That’s a lot that gets given over to HMRC.

                                  40% – Let us help you do better than that.

Known as the Death Tax and rated as the most unfair tax. There have been empty Promises from Politicians on changes for as long as I can remember. 

What is a trust?

Think of a Trust as a second layer of protection after your will. It ensures that the content of your will is directed at the correct person or persons, whilst a trust ensures that as much of your assets are securely “stored” so that the maximum is available to those who feature in your will.

A Trust can safeguard as much of the contents of your will as possible and when it only becomes active upon death now means the money is not tied up.  It simply has a prescribed “SAFE ” and is set to be stored under yourvirtual “lock and key”.

How do I set up a trust? Do I need one And is it Expensive.

We will guide you through the process as you now understand that a Standard Will or Basic Will may not be what you need for your circumstances.  

  • Have you concerns about the Divorce or separation of future generations.?
  • Have you concerns that your Grandchildren may lose out?
  • If your legacy was taken by creditors or Bankruptcy claims- would you feel this should be protected?
  • If your hard earned money was divvied to the Tax Man or used to pay for CARE FEES, do you believe this is not as you intended?
  • Many believe that the system for Payment of Care is unfair. Do You agree?

                           If even one answer to the above is a “YES” then the Cost, we believe, to protect becomes insignificant in comparison to what you or your family could lose.

Is a trust Right for me?

At our meeting, we will look at your Personal Circumstances and give specific ADVICE & RECOMMENDATIONS in writing. And don’t forget, Key Wills & Trusts have full Indemnity Insurance to £2 Million and as members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters we are backed by Trading Standards and adhere to their Approved Code of Conduct.  

                                                                    ALL EXTRA SECURITY TO KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH .

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