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Key Wills & Trusts - Dermot O'Kane

   I have had many years in Financial Services, where I repeatedly was asking, “Have you made a Will” and 99% hearing the answer ” No but I really must get around to getting that sorted sometime.” So, I believed that with about half the UK population without a will, I would soon be very busy. I found that the same attitude of “sometime” didn’t really go away.

   Then I heard about these mysterious ” Trusts” and Inheritance Tax and how unfair the care system was (and still is) and set out with my usual attention to the minutiae of detail, to study for this more identifiable market. Keeping up with the changes in Legislation wasn’t easy as we didn’t have so knowledgeable Google, or Siri back then. 

   However, once I cracked this area of Specialism, it paid dividends. I was amazed at how much confusion and disinformation existed around Trusts. And also, how so few professionals were confident in this specialist area of expertise. To this day, I am happy to educate Conveyancing Solicitors on the benefits of Tenants in Common ownership of property. Well, those that listen anyway. 

   I also found that UK Laws have may differences from N. Ireland and again, became registered to advise in all Jurisdictions of the UK.  (Many of my clients are ex- NI) We have a fixed price for all our products, and seldom do I hear ” it’s too expensive” even in Ballymena would you believe.

   Passing the acceptance for membership to IPW (still the only Member in date of writing) helps to increases my knowledge and professionalism, while giving my clients an extra level of comfort. 

We Deliver

At Key Wills & Trusts, we appreciate that Trusts and specialist Planning can sometimes cause some head- scratching. The last thing anyone wants is a load of Jargon and confusion. 

Our strength is in explaining complex issues in simple terms.  We welcome the opportunity to lay out some options that are no longer just for the super-rich and famous.

                                             Ask as many questions as you can think of- and if you need something changed- no problem. 

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Our Offices

Key Wills & Trusts has its offices based in Dunmurry Belfast , and we will              happily come to you if requested.

                                  All appointments are pre-booked.


Our credentials

Key Wills & Trusts is a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters which  is approved by the code of Trading Standards. It has its own £2Million professional Indemnity Insurance for your own security and peace of mind.. 

Key Wills & Trusts  adheres to the strict guidelines mapped out in the STEP will writing code (The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) . and our credentials are available for checking on the website of IPW.